Winner Ticket No.
1st Two weeks in Florida Villa courtesy of Welcome USA Jeffs 0059871
2nd One week in Minorca Villa courtesy of LGH Ltd Brown 0074002
3rd 26" Colour TV courtesy of FHSC Ltd Rumford 0055306
4th Christmas Hamper courtesy of FHSC Ltd Johnson 0059882
5th 2 Made to measure shirts courtesy of Thomas Silk Lawrence 194260
6th Picnic Hamper courtesy of Ann & Brian Knowles Wall 149697
7th Golf Bag courtesy of Kath & Ray Garside Rintoul 119615
8th Sony Walkman courtesy of Bernard & Enid Wood Allan 134663
9th Bottle Whisky courtesy of Bernard & Enid Wood Chapman 0028523
10th Hip Flask courtesy of Bernard & Enid Wood Robertson 165786

Congratulations to all the winners & thank you to all the donators of prizes & participants for your amazing support.