Week 1

Hi everyone, i’ve just finished dinner and I shall attempt to recall the last week. I wouldn't say it's been wet, but I have twice incurred penalty shots for swimming in the wrong lane!!!

3rd Jan
The event started off with three stalwarts from Rossendale GC making the journey to Powfoot in the form of the Vice Captain - Ian Swarbrick, Head Greenkeeper - Phil Siddle and the best Captain the MCC never had, Jack Simpson, to see me off. A great effort lads and very much appreciated.
James Kirkwood of Powfoot joined me along with a visitor from Newcastle, Fraser Hall and we enjoyed a mainly fine round and I scored 25 pts. Swarbey of course took the money!! A fine lunch provided by the course was much appreciated.

4th Jan
Took in rounds at Dumfries and County and Dumfries and Galloway, with scores of 35 and 38 points respectively. Weather started off very wet and windy in the morning but was very nice in the afternoon. Sales of raffle tickets went well at both courses and a member at D&G very kindly donated £50.

5th Jan
A fishmonger named George Bell accompanied me as we swam around the Pines Golf Course on Day 3. Between us, we proved that men can walk on water!! 26 points was little short of a miracle under the conditions. Hospitality at the course was splendid with Greta providing lunch.

6th Jan
Ian Robin, Hon Sec at Southerness, joined me for one of the most challenging rounds of golf I have ever played. I thought it was the strongest wind I have ever encountered but Jim said if the pins are not bent over touching the green, it's only a breeze!! Scored an amazing 28 points and lost my first two balls of the week. This was more than offset by the collections of balls that Willy Gibson, aka ‘The Ball Collector’ had left at various points on the course. Willy scours the course for balls, leaving them for passers by!! Wonderful hospitality was provided by Ian and Gill.

7th Jan
Another swimming gala event at Colvend GC in the company of Andrew, the son of Stewart and Helen, the caterers. The fact that we were the only people in the club made no difference to our enjoyment of a very sociable though very wet round. Scored 30 points. Helen provided a slap up meal of steak and chips. Yummy!!

8th Jan
After overnight gales and torrential rain, the outlook for playing looked next to impossible. With the amount of debris on the roads, even getting to Brighouse Bay was a minor miracle. Having decided to set off playing in the hope that I would be recalled by the course being considered unplayable, there was suddenly a chink in the sky and before I knew where I was, the sun was out!! It was still gale force but I stuck it out and amassed 34 points.
After a great lunch provided by Pam, I shot across to Kircudbright and played in good sunshine, though still quite strong wind and once more managed to score 34 points.

9th Jan
Wouldn't you know it, it leathered down again!! Played at Newton Stewart and managed 32 points. Once again, I have been looked after extremely well, this time by Deborah and Andrew at Hillcrest House, Wigtown.

All in all, a reasonable start from the golfing point of view and I am pleased to have battled through some pretty horrendous conditions. People who know I have not played winter league for about 12 years would be amazed!! Surely it will improve.
The thing that has made it possible has been the support of the accommodation providers, who without exception have been magnificent and without whose support I would not have survived even this first week. Many a meal has been provided at no cost and washing of wet clothes has been very willingly undertaken. Ladies and Gentlemen, you are all Stars!!
Sales of raffle tickets have gone very well and virtually every accommodation provider and golf club have been happy to take a batch on board to sell. This will greatly assist the fund raising, so Thank You everybody.